Tzlil Meudcan composers group announced
Here are the composers chosen for the next Tzlil Meudcan edition:Yoav Chorev, Robert Dahm, Jarnegaard Esaias, Evan Gardner, Bnaya Halperin, Abel Paul, Zesses Seglias & Buchanan Jason Thorpe
7 Years // 7 Portrait: Focus Chaya Czernowin
New project by Ensemble Nikel dedicated to seven composers the ensemble has been collaborating with since its beginning. First featured composer - Chaya Czernowin
Wien Modern Festival 2013
We will be presenting our new conceived program titled "JUKEBOX" in coming Wien Modern festival edition. Click header for info.
New Cd Release - Donaueschinger Musiktage 2012
The new cd from Neos covering the 2012 Donaueschinger Musiktage edition is including 2 pieces performed by Ensemble Nikel.Click header for info.
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Tzlil Meudcan 2014

International New Music Festival & Summer Course

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL 04.07 - 11.07.2014


Chosen Composers group announced!

With the conclusion of choosing the composers group for the next Tzlil Meudcan 2014 summer course & festival, we would like to greatly thank all the many applicants sending in their music and scores. There were many interesting new names coming to our attention and sadly many of those could not be chosen (for 2014!). Please do consider us for further editions.
As so, here is the list of composers chosen:

Yoav Chorev
Robert Dahm 
Jarnegaard Esaias
Evan Gardner
Bnaya Halperin
Abel Paul
Zesses Seglias
Buchanan Jason Thorpe

As well we're happy to add to our performers line up, guitarists Kobe Van Cauwenberghe & Matthias Koole who will play a duo program and will be joining performers from Ensemble Modern, Trio Amos, cellist Séverine Ballon, Ensemble Nikel, flutist Michael Schmid and composers Pierluigi Billone & José María Sánchez-Verdú in our Tel Aviv musical summer fest.


In the heart of lively Tel Aviv just in front of the Mediterranean white sandy beaches, we invite you to attend the TZLIL MEUDCAN (In Hebrew: Updated tone) composition summer course where we offer you eight rich days with composers Pierluigi Billone and José María Sánchez-Verdú.

The course is known for its warm personal atmosphere and as so, hosts a group of only 8 selected composers. Besides individual lessons, colloquiums, workshops and One on One sessions the composers will also be invited to write a new piece to be premiered at the TZLIL MEUDCAN festival platform by its performing guests. These new works will also be recorded to be available upon the conclusion of the course & festival.


As happens in each edition, participants can expect working and writing for soloists and chamber groups of the highest level coming from various leading European ensembles. For example previous years line up included soloists from: Ictus Ensemble (Belgium), Ensemble Klangforum Wien (Austria), Ensemble musikFabrik (Germany), Ensemble Recherche (Germany) & Ensemble Nikel (Israel) among others and 2014 will be no different.


If all the above is not enough and some leisure time on the beach (500 meters from the course location) seems boring for you, there is also the Tzlil Meudcan festival platform taking place in parallel to the course. This year's program will include a focus on the works of composer Brian Ferneyhough with various chamber pieces to be performed by the above and further additional supporting activity to be included. Given that and the works of the participating composers and many other new or recent repertoire planned in the program, we modestly aim to offer an experience capturing the spirit of new music as it takes shape in the world today.


Application Guidelines:


Hotel accommodations will be fully covered during the residency period.

From Thursday, July 3 to Friday, July 11, 2014 (8 nights in total)

Gilgal hotel, Tel Aviv http://www.hotelgilgal.com/

Double Occupancy (Breakfast included)




All participants are responsible for their travel and travel costs to and from the summer course.

A pick up from and to the airport will be available by the Tzlil Meudcan team




- Application will be sent digitally no later then November 30th to the following email address:

- Application will be sent digitally no later then November 30th to the following email address:


- The jury committee's announcement of acceptance (via email notification) takes place January 15th, 2014.

- A binding, signed acceptance from the student participant will be required by February 1st. Payment will then follow.

- The deadline for scores and parts is June 1st, 2014

- The cost of attending is 385 Euro.




Applicants should send a digital package (no later then November 30th, 2013) that includes the following:

- Application form, Click HERE to download form (word format)

- Detailed CV

- 2 or 3 recent scores (Date of composition must appear on the score!)

- 2 or 3 recordings of recent works in wav/mp3 files.

- Send all to: tzlilmeudcan.festival@gmail.com

* Please mention in the email title: Tzlil Meudcan 2014 - Application

** For further info or questions contact us at the email address provided above.

We look forward having you with us,

Yaron Deutsch

Director, Tzlil Meudcan


2013 concerts program:

 Monday 08/07 - Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv

19:00 - Composers Talk // Grand Piano Reflections

A talk with composers Chaya Czernowin (ISR), Jean Luc Fafchamps (BE) and Steven Takasugi (USA) departing from their own recent works for piano solo to additional observations on repertoire of the canonic and "abused" piano solo medium as a mirror to changes in contemporary music aesthetics.

20:00 - Festival opening event // Concert in 2 parts 

Part I : Stephane Ginsburgh, Piano (BE)

Stefan Prins - Piano Hero #1 for keyboard, live electronics & video (2012)

Sabrina Schroeder - Stircrazer for piano solo with live mechanics (2013) WP
Salvatore Sciarrino - Perduto in una città d'acque for piano (1990-91)

Part II : Uli Fussenegger - Double Bass (AT) // Doris Nicoletti (AT)

Beat Furrer - Ira-Arca for flute & double bass (2012)

Georges Aperghis - Paralando for double bass solo (2007) 

Salvatore Sciarrino - Morte Tamburo for flute solo (1999)

Manuel Rodriguez - New piece for flute & double bass (2013) WP


22:00 Concert // Piano recital - Stephane Ginsburgh (BE)

Jean-Luc Fafchamps - Beth/Veth for piano, percussion and live electronics (2012)


Tuesday 09/07 - Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv

18:30 Screening // Salvatore Sciarrino - Luci mie traditrici

A screening of Sciarrino's opera Luci mie traditrici performed by ensemble Algoritmo and directed by Christian Pade.

20:30 Concert // Percussion quartet - Ensemble This Ensemble That (CH)

Jurg Frey - Metal, Stone, Skin, Foliage, Air for percussion quartet (1996-2001)

22:00 Concert // Back 2 Back - Sabine Akiko Ahrendt (DE), Marco Fusi (IT)

Simon Steen-Andersen - Study for String Instrument #1 for violin (2007)

Jennifer Walshe - Dirty white fields for violin and voice (2002)

Salvatore Sciarrino - sei capricci for violin (1975-76)

Avshalom Ariel -  GoodTimeGoodTimeGoodTime .......Good for violin duo (2013) WP

Wednesday 10/07 - Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv

18:30 Lecture // Yuval Shaked (ISR): Still Life?

Composer Yuval Shaked in a lecture regarding aspects of Salvatore Sciarrino's music.


20:00 Concert // Piano Recital - Joonas  Ahonen (FI)

Gyorgy Ligeti - Etudes for piano, Book II (1988-94)

Anton Webern - Variations for piano, Op. 27 (1935-1936)

Salvatore Sciarrino - Notturno No. 2 for piano solo (1998)

Beat Furrer - Studie for piano (2011)

22:00  Concert // Esemble Nikel (ISR) Hosts:

Cellist Dan Weinstein (ISR) & Violinist Sabine Akiko Ahrendt (DE)

Dimou Stylianos - momentum "X": an illusory impetus for sax, pno & vln (2013) WP 

Fredrik Wallberg - Trio for sax, perc & vlc (2010) WP

Chaya Czernowin - FardanceCLOSE for piano solo (2012)

Clinton McCallum - In a hall of mirrors waiting to die for sax & pno (2008)

Mauricio Pauly - vs. el monopolio de la memoria for sax, pno & vln (2013) WP

Thursday 11/07 - Felicja Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv

19:00 Project // Digital Rendezvous

Students of the Leo Beck high school in Haifa present their latest works using Max/Msp at the frame of the Electronic Music Course program instructed by Elad Shneiderman. Department head: Yonatan Cana'an.


20:00 Concert // Percussion quartet - Ensemble This Ensemble That (CH)

Lisa Streich  - The house of the others for bicycle, crotales & percussion trio (2013) WP

Georges Aperghis - Le Corps Á Corps for zarb (1978)

Salvatore Sciarrino - Un fruscìo lungo trent'anni for percussion quartet (1967)

Michael Meirhof - Shopping 4 for three performers (2005/06)

Ryan Beppel - Voiando La Caja for three percussionists (2011)

Roni Brenner - New piece for percussion quartet (2013) WP

22:00  Festival Closing event // Musica Nova Consort (ISR)

Steven Takasugi - An Undercurrent for four unspecified instruments and playback (2013) WP
Adi Snir - Stills for four unspecified instruments. For Musica Nova (2013) WP
Annea Lockwood - Jitterbug for 'tape' and graphic score for two or more musicians (2006)
James Saunders - overlay (1) for vlc (2012), overlay (2) for bass drum (2012) WP

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